A further section of the cobbles in Grappenhall Village has been recently replaced. Residents have commented that a section of the road has been covered in tarmac but please be reassured that this is only a TEMPORARY surface and will be removed and replaced with cobbles during the next phase of the programme of works.…

WBC Preferred Development Option Consultation – Parish Council Response – 29th September 2017

UPDATE 24.08.17 – A letter from the Parish Council would be sent out to all residents of the parishes to ensure that everyone knew about the consultation and had the opportunity to respond in time. Click here to see a copy of the letter.

The Parish Council is grateful to the many residents who have submitted comments to the Borough Council on the Local Plan Preferred Development Option (PDO). The response from the public was unprecedented in numbers and very clear with its message that the proposal to remove land from the Green Belt and develop it as a Garden City Suburb is unacceptable to an overwhelming majority of residents. This view is shared by the Parish Council, which has provided its own formal response, now available on this website.