Our Councillors represent each of our Wards. They will be pleased to hear from you. Please click on the email icon under each Councillor’s name to send them an email.

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Address: 20 Cross Lane Grappenhall WA4 2LR Phone: (01925) 268769

Councillor Wendy Johnson

Borough Councillor for Thelwall & Lymm North

Address: 19 Dunmow Road Thelwall WA4 2HQ Phone: (01925) 601298

Councillor Mike Biggin

Borough Councillor for Grappenhall

Address: 46 Georges Crescent Grappenhall WA4 2PP Phone: (07920) 288974

Councillor Ryan Bate

Borough Councillor for Grappenhall

Address: 28 Marlfield Road Grappenhall WA4 2JT Phone: (07583) 001267

Councillor David Hockenhull


Address: 14 Stoneleigh Gardens Thelwall WA4 3LE Phone: (01925) 601142

Councillor John McQuillian


Address: 1 Broad Lane Grappenhall WA4 3ER Phone: (01925) 602804

Councillor Graham Welborn

Address: 20 Cross Lane Grappenhall WA4 2LR Phone: (07563) 268769

Councillor Chris Worsley

Address: 1 Church Lane Cottage Grappenhall WA4 3EP Phone: (01925) 212449

Councillor Cliff Taylor

Address: Thelwall Old Hall Ferry Lane Thelwall WA4 2SS Phone: (01925) 265636

Councillor Louise Fernyhough

Address: Dairy Cottage 12 All Saints Drive Thelwall WA4 2JQ Phone: (01925) 860128

Councillor Ray Fisher

Address: 15 Dunmow Road Thelwall WA4 2HQ Phone: (01925) 602591

Councillor Hasan Kazi

Address: 1 Birchdale Road, Paddington, WA1 3ER. Phone: (01925) 453199

Councillor Patrick Warner

Address: 12 Stoneleigh Gardens Grappenhall WA4 3LE Phone: (01925) 263174

Councillor Sally Chisholm

Address: Highfield Stables, Weaste Lane, Thelwall, WA4 3JP Phone: (01925) 269047