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  1. I have read the recent Focus leaflet WRT Thelwall New Road, Car Excessive Speed :- Please NB Speed bumps have a number of unintended consequences. Some traffic may transfer to other roads to avoid the humps, moving the problem rather than solving it. And because drivers generally don’t stick to a steady speed, the extra acceleration and braking caused by speed bumps can contribute to local air pollution.
    Speed Bumps are a Nuisance to All motorists not just speeding motorists. They have them in other areas of Warrington. Living in Grappenhall and Thelwall is a luxury because currently we don’t have any. I understand the problem, but there are other more satisfactory solutions that can be considered. Please try to use other traffic calming measures. The “your speed” radar sensing traffic signs are superb and get the message across. Investing in permanent ones would be great. Thanks for your time. RW

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