Address: 46 Georges Crescent, Grappenhall WA4 2PP

Tel: 07920 288974

Committees: Planning and Parks & Open Spaces


  1. Mr Biggin I am a Grappenhall resident. Can you assist with an issue I have. Briefly I reported flooding to my property in Oct 2020 to WBC. In heavy rain excess water runs down the pavement outside my property and into my driveway and then into my garage. Initially I had no response. Following further calls they dropped off 20 sandbags as a temporary solution. I still have those sandbags. In early 2021 following further calls from me to WBC an Insp visited me. His name was Gary he acknowledged the problem said he would arrange some work to be done to the pavement directly outside my house. He said a 20 mm lip would be created to stop the water coming down my drive. This work has never been done. Since my initial report in 2020 my property has been flooded four more times. On Mon of this week it flooded again despite the sandbags being in place. It’s all from excess water coming downhill on the pavement and into my driveway. Today 25th I got an email to say that the work required is below the minimum cost amount for what the council will do. As such they won’t be doing anything to solve the issue. This in my view is not acceptable. Can I have your views and help please.
    John Webb

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